Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dates on a Calendar

A year ago, I wrote a blog post about the importance of remembering and encouraging. Why, as a society, since the beginning of time we have needed and even depended on those things. It was a very eye opening thought process for me.

Life happens quickly while we work work work, and fill our time packed full with whatever we're doing. Rare indeed is the person who takes the time, energy, thought and resources to spontaneously show another person how much they mean to them. Easy it is to put more effort into the everyday than the more important.

As a homeschool mom of (soon to be) 6, work at home, home keeper, and home steader, I have plenty to keep me occupied. I found that I was putting myself always last on the list of people to take care of. I love to serve other people, and will go far out of my way to do so. I forget to do the same for me.

For the past year or so, I've made an effort to do a little something special for myself on those calendar holidates. Without that date, I wouldn't ever make the effort. I'd "get to it later", or "not worry about it". I find that I really look forward to the day, almost as if I would if I were celebrating it in traditional, commercial style. For many reasons, it is a good thing for me.

I didn't take the time to have my little shopping excursion on my own time, so I didn't get around to my dangley earrings and little treat that I had my heart set on. I'll get to it later, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I will continue my little tradition on the next calendar holidate. :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Status Update

I'm way slower to get my goals completed than I'd like to admit to! The weeks are flying by. Of course, it isn't helping that I'm only getting one, or sometimes two good energy days per week. The other days are spent in survival and nap mode.

Never the less, I'm plugging away.

Here's my desk before:

And after 5 hours of filing things exactly where they belong:

The only thing left is a small order that is ready to be shipped out.

Next up: the cubbies and shelves above the desk. Since those don't have a big pile called "I have no idea what to do with this, but need to keep it", they should hopefully be much easier to conquer.

It is an incredibly busy time. We are sowing seeds, cleaning up gardens, preparing new gardens, and we have the barn project and the well project going on as well. Yesterday we had groups planting onions, cleaning out the barn, weeding the garden, making cheese, cleaning the craft room, sewing, and preparing for a freeze.

What about my 2012 goals?
1. About half the time
2. January was a complete fail, but I did make the menu for Feb. I haven't been that great at following it, though....
3. A constant struggle, but still working
4. ditto
5. Exercising 1-2 days per week. Not as much as I'd like, but better than nothing.
Slow progress, but progress none-the-less.