Sunday, August 5, 2012

My plans and remembering the goal

I really ought to know better than to make plans and goals for any time frame! My goals for this week were to get caught up on some miscellaneous items, replinish my store's soaps, get caught up on business stuff, prepare some school things for next quarter, and a little time of quiet and just "me" time. None of that actually fully happened, least of all the quiet and alone time :)

The one day I thought it might, #1 asked to come with me on errands. I sort of pretended I didn't get the hint. As it is with young people, it was important enough for her to ask Daddy, who then offered to petition me with the request.

Being all to aware of how hurtful it can be to be turned down, and how horrible comments suggesting that I need to be alone can be: she came. And chatted. Then after we got home, the younger girl chatted and chatted and chatted. Did I mention there was a lot of chatter that day?

One of the challenges for me is meeting the emotional needs of 7 people daily. Little ones need hugs, biggers need hugs and smiles and talks, husbands need hugs and smiles and talks and time and attention. And I need to meet my emotional needs. Refill and recharge.

There was a time when I could run full speed constantly without a break. I don't find that nearly as easy as I did years ago! Good thing for a nursling- breaks are mandatory. Good design- that was!

It's possible that I'm a little sensitive about the subject, but I never want my children to feel like I'm too tired for them. I don't want them to feel like because of anything else I'm doing, or because of anyone else in the house, I can't do something with them. True, it isn't always possible to meet every need, but most times it is possible. I bristle to have it suggested that I'm too tired, or that because of the baby I can't do this or that with them. Those statements (and variations) can build a lot of resentment, and make little people feel that they aren't as important or valuable as whatever or whoever is "taking their place".
Far more important than providing a roof over their heads and food to fill their tummy is filling that emotional need.

 That's what creates the bond, filling one another's emotional cup. As several people are quoted: "A child may not remember what you taught them, people may not remember what you said or did, but they will all remember how you made them feel".

Friday, August 3, 2012

The little art campers

Despite the fact that smiling for the camera seemed to be an impossible feat, these two had a good time and had nice artwork to show.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Week off

A week off of school- yipee!!

#2 and #3 are having a morning week at art camp this week, so I decided it was a great week to just call off the rest of school and get caught up on some things.

Yesterday I did some gardening items, plus primered the rocking chairs and another chair, plus rebatched some soap. Today I've been getting a start on organizing my recipes. That will be a lot of work! I also got caught up on laundry, sewed a little for my store, washed a few of the windows, started making a menu, and tried to get a little caught up on my work work. 

Of course, we did a little of this too: