Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Busy Month

The month absolutely flew by.

These two sweethearts are growing so fast.

This young man turned 12.

We had a mowing emergency. The goat weed (our arch enemy) was going to seed. Husband and I worked together to mow all of the pastures. It took almost 2 weeks mowing an hour or two here and there per day for each of us. It was hot, dirty, and buggy work. The goal for next year is to mow twice during the year (running a herd of calves on the land) and see if that cuts down on the weeds for 2014. Farming is definately best played proactively, not reactively.

We completely ran out of meat, and butchered our beever. Not exactly the right time of year for that...but we work with what we've got. Over 300 pounds of ground, roasts, and steaks in the freezer. We also rendered the tallow.

The oldest and I had a Mother/Daughter ice cream date.

Husband and some of the children have been working hard cleaning out  and organizing his shop. They've also been doing quite a bit of wood working projects.

I've been working at expanding my soap business.

Husband and I had an anniversary: 16 years now.

Since we school all year, we don't have a big deal about going "back" in August. In fact, we had quite a few off days. A week at the beginning of the month for art camp, plus quite a few other days off for the cow butchering and other items. We will be starting new subjects or new books in about half the cases. We will have one more week of the "old" science to go before the new book. I suppose we're easing back into a new quarter.

Seems like each day has been crammed to the brim as we've tried to make the most out of each week.

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