Friday, March 14, 2014


Our little homestead is always changing to meet our needs and goals. We've been here four years now, and no two years have ever looked remotely the same. Step by step, we keep improving and stepping up to the next level.

This chicken coop (or chicken palace, as I like to call it), was probably one of the most ambitious projects that we've ever done. Hubby worked many many months making it just perfect, and creating for us a complex rotational chicken yard.It is awesome!

Greenhouse- finished January 2014
 complete with shelving, a grow bed and a aquaponics tank.
 #3 was probably the biggest helper in this project.

Key-hole raised beds.
There are 4 of them now to the side of the greenhouse. We are using raised beds for our main growing space this year.

The 4 beds were completed the first week in March.

Under Daddy's leadership, the 3 oldest undertook their first year selling seeds. Last year, they grew out, harvested, and packaged our favorite seeds, and they sold them this winter/spring. Team Work! They did good, too- making a nice profit their first season.

We're all looking forward to a busy and productive spring!

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