Monday, August 29, 2011

Not an encouraging start to my week

After a decidedly unrestful weekend, this Monday is not really going much better.

Generally, the children play outside in the mornings while it is still cool. I putter around getting things lined up and then do my T-Tapp, take a nice long shower and face the homeschooling/work week.

The children didn't want to play outside, and bickered for a long long time about how I was making them play out. Having listened to them complain about the heat and being stuck inside for 3 months of over 100 degrees, and having a wonderfully cool morning today, I had no interest in hearing the squabble that comes when they are inside with nothing to do. I also didn't want to be interrupted inside, as I was behind on business stuff, still haven't finished planning the fall term, didn't want the baby woken, needed to make tons of copies, and was feeling rather stressed over other issues and my back was hurting pretty bad.

Then, while trying to tear apart and organize manuals and worksheets, my paper cutter decided that it was finished working. Being old and cheap, there are no replacement blades available. After ripping 5 pages in a row, and finally figuring out that the devise is not going to improve, I finished the manuals that I was currently working on by hand with scissors (not fun), much to my back's chagrin.

Thereafter, I dealt with with other unpleasant issues, lunch was late, children are crabby, I didn't get my workout, much less my lovely shower....and I'm feeling that I really really needed that vacation.

Hopefully the rest of the week goes a bit smoother.

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