Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy 15th anniversary

15 years ago on the 31st of August, we moved 100 miles away, took a quick shower, crammed some pizza to fill our tummies and were married in the back yard a a church with 5 people in attendance.

For the first time in our married lives, we didn't do gifts or anything special for the day. The Mr. suggested that we make another trip into town (we were just there a couple of weeks ago) for celebration. So, we all went to The Little Big City and goofed around town, visiting antique stores, Target, and ate lunch at Cheddars. We went to the nice grocery store in town and purchased some quality steaks and organic lettuce.

#4 was horrified that #5 saw his birthday present that I found at Target. #1, #3 were disappointed that we didn't find anything for their rooms, as the plan is to redecorate their rooms for their birthdays.

We were back home around 3, and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing some (more) organizing of school work and supplies. The children ate early, and then we had a family game of Power Grid.

We ended the day with our "date night" of grilling steaks, baked potato and salad like we used to do every weekend for years. Afterwards we chatted about our new business and other miscellaneous things and went to bed.

Maybe because it is divisible by 5, or maybe because it has been such a year...but 15 years of marriage seems pretty significant to me. Actually, very significant.

These are the moments.

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