Monday, January 16, 2012

January Goals- cut the clutter

My biggest goal for January is to cut out a good amount of clutter in the house. Also, I still working on catching up a bit from my 3 months of first trimester ick.

I had gone through the trouble of embarrassing myself and taking a picture of the mess, but it seems to have disappeared.

In short, every counter top was completely covered and piled high with stuff that needed to find a new home, or be put away.

Here's the after: (obviously I didn't stage it!)

Everything still on the laundry counter found it's way to it's proper drawer, so it is all clear now.

To be fair, my wonderful husband actually cleared and scrubbed the two white counter tops. I dealt with the clutter and cleaned the laundry area. There's quite a bit still to do in here. When the barn is built, a lot more of the "stuff" will have a new home, and at that time, I will clean out the cabinets and drawers a bit more ruthlessly. Meanwhile, I had 4 small trash bags full, and 2 Goodwill bags that all went out the door- Woot!

I would also like to do some decorating in this room.

In addition to the laundry room, one large trash bag was filled from the cabinets in the mudroom, and from under the kitchen sink. (What on earth do I keep that stuff for, anyway??)

Two huge arm-loads of clothing was taken to the consignment shop, and another large, but half-full trash bag full of clothes was taken to Goodwill. I already feel lighter!

In light of the de-cluttering, husband asked me to stay out of his office!

My office is also being attacked, slowly, though....the baby can undo as fast as I can clean!

The unfinished project list:
Huge burn piles by the road are slowly being cleaned up.
history planned and purchased
worked on cleaning/organizing craft room

Goal for the week: 5 more small trash bags out the door
Get caught up on make-ahead kitchen items
make mint and oatmeal soap

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