Monday, March 19, 2012

The power of music

The power of music
Those who have met me would probably describe me as a no-nonsence, get-it-done, realistic person. All of that is true, but if you peel back those layers you'll find that I'm really just a giant mush ball who is quite sensitive. I just don't allow the time to dwell and absorb. But music- those lyrics can just cut right though to the heart of the matter. Of course, it's not just the lyrics- its never the same just to read the words, but combined with the music makes a very powerful combination.

I love music. I was surrounded by music when I was growing up, and do so whenever I am alone- sewing or driving mostly. Even still, those opportunities don't come up very often!

I must have really been living in a cave, because I hadn't heard the Rascal Flats song "I Won't Let Go" Immediately I fell in love with the song, as I do any song that can make me cry. That's what its all about, isn't it? To have that person or people in our life who can hold you up in your darkest moments- who will be there to do what needs to be done when you can't, and clean up the mess (and tears). I've heard it many times now, and it still makes me choke up.

Then, I heard this one not too long ago- I was in the car with one of my girls, and I caught some of the lyrics, and quickly changed the station. I knew it was one of "those" songs. Sanctus Real - “Lead Me”
I came home and googled the lyrics, and I went weak. There they were- the begging of my heart for the past several years all written out. I locked myself alone and sobbed for a good half hour. Music is so powerful.

I saved off the lyrics and the youtube video of another song. I sent an email to myself, and titled it "for another time, another place" a year ago. Every now and then, I read off the lyrics and watch the video. It's so powerful to me that I cant allow myself to dwell on it- the story of where I wish were, where I thought I would be, and the reminder of where I am not, but the slow process of healing and the question of daring to hope: Faith to be Strong_ by Andrew Peterson.

The power of music to reach an emotional level that we aren't always willing to reach on our own- what speaks to us, tugs at our hearts, and makes us remember a time, place, or feeling. Very powerful stuff.

Now, back to my pragmatic self :)

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