Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More cleaning and purging

After moving 13 times in 15 years, clutter hasn't ever really been an issue for us. Every 8 months, we move, and spend a month cleaning out all of the junk that accumulated during that time. No problem, right?

I knew it was going to be a challenge for us now that we've finally settled down. I was right. I am a certified type A personality. I *need* order and cleanliness. Multiply that by the fact that we have a home business and 5.5 children, and I really really need things to be clean and orderly. Reality check is that I just don't have time to keep things to the level that I would rather they be, I married somewhat of a pack-rat, and more than half of my children take after him and not me :)

However, I have made significant progress during my nesting efforts in anticipation of #6.

I cleaned out our master closet. I need to do so again and keep reducing the needless junk.

I tackled the huge pile of stuff that had made it's way to the corner of our room.

I dumped everything that didn't belong in our room in one pile, and dealt with all of it.

Yippee- that was 4 more bags to Goodwill (in addition to a box of junk I found in the garage), and a clean room again! Usually we're pretty good about not letting junk pile up in our room, but for the last year after #5 was born, it somehow just happened. We were both so happy to have our calm sanctuary back after cleaning it up that we agreed not to let it happen again. Master bedrooms that are a true retreat is something worth working for!

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