Monday, October 3, 2011

Still working

I've noticed this phenomenon in my mothering days: things that used to take me merely a day to accomplish now take me a week. Weekly goals- good luck getting it done in a month. So, I really should have known better when I declared with all authority that I would be finishing up all outstanding projects by the end of Sept. I did finish the girl's refinished night tables yesterday (that still counts, right??), but the rest of my list still sadly sits in the "uncompleted"category.

As weeks often do, this past one came with its own agenda. Two large boxes of plants arrived that had to be planted. I had run out of labels, so when they arrived, I had a total of 4 boxes to label. The temperatures finally decided to be under 90 (but just barely!) this week, so I also planted all of the brassicas. That is on top giving my honest attempt at spending every spare moment trying to get the girl's projects finished and school planning finished.

I also had extra work things to do this week. I generally put in 3-4 hours every day of business, which is fairly difficult to squeeze in some times. Last week I had to make extra phone calls, and do extra research than usual. Although that might extend into this week as well, I'm hoping that it flows a bit smoother.

At least I can say that nothing else has fallen apart while I am trying to get caught up. That usually happens when I am trying to get extras done. We're doing school just fine, just planning as we go the parts that haven't been planned yet. Yes, it creates more work for me, which is why I like to plan ahead, but I honestly haven't had a spare second to finish up! I haven't even managed to get the October menu planned yet.

Perhaps this week won't be filled with so many extras, and I'll be able to complete the projects.

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