Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Last week, we headed down the shore to Galveston for 3 days. It was the first vacation we've taken in 5 years, and to say that we were all excited was an understatement!

We knew it would be pretty cold with the exception of out arrival day (which was still only the upper 70s), so we chose that first day to head to the beach. Galveston's beach isn't spectacular by any means. You won't find any white fluffy sand, as the tide keeps the sand wet all the way up to the seawall. However, none of us cared! The children had never seen the ocean, or played in the sand. Within about a minute of hitting the beach, they stripped their shoes off and started running.

The baby wasn't at all sure about this sand and water thing.

One jumped right in to play in the sand with the "plow" that he had made and brought with him.

It didn't take long until the first one sat in the water.

More followed shortly.

They slowly got braver and braver.

Even the baby finally stood in the water and accepted that his beloved toes were not going anywhere even though he couldn't see them.

The baby and I went back to the hotel room to rest while the olders and the Mr. swam for the next couple of hours. The did venture way out to ride the waves, and they tried to make sand castles (but the sand was too wet). They came back dripping and freezing cold. We decided to take a swim in the heated pool for a bit.

After that, we rested and lounged around the hotel, drove around the island for a bit exploring, and headed to The Fisherman's Wharf for the best seafood I think I've ever had.

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