Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ikea and Rodeos

Last week was a flurry of activity. First we had the field day, then several family members came down with the Change of Season Cold, then we took a day to go to Dallas to install a new server for the biz. The whole family decided to make a day of it in the big city. We left much later than I would have liked (at 10), but we arrived right at a good time to eat at our favorite Turkish restaurant as their lunch rush was at a close.

From there, we went to the server facility. Instead of dropping off D as I sometimes do, I opted instead to stay. The 5 children and I took over the lobby for almost 2 hours (a bit longer than the estimated time). We played Euchre and got almost through a game of Stone Age.

Then, for the reason I came alone- IKEA! My first trip to an IKEA. Wow. I found it to be a little intimidating at first, but once we understood the concept, we jumped right into the showroom and had a great time. The Mister is redoing my craft room for my birthday, so I wanted some desk components, and organizational items. We did come home with the desk cabinets, but the organizational things I had on my list. I think they were in an area of the market place that we must have skipped over, but we were all too tired to go looking for more stuff.

Saturday brought the small town Rodeo and the "Farmer's Market" (I use that term very loosely here). For something that I spent the better part of a month preparing for, it didn't amount to hardly anything at all. Not worth it. I think I'm just going to go ahead and set up an online store.

Sunday brought beautiful weather and gardening and outdoor projects all day. That's my kind of day, for sure! We're still on burn ban, so there is a lot of trees and debris, both from our work as well as from all of the dead trees that have already fallen. We look forward to being able to clean all of that up soon. We were able to get other stuff tidied up, and we marvelled that there were weeds growing in the cactus garden. Weeds need rain to grow, and we just haven't seen hardly any weeds all year!

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