Monday, November 7, 2011

First Annual Field Day

Last Tuesday (Nov 1st), in honor of our two year anniversary of moving into our house, we had our first annual field day. We would have done it last year, but we had a baby instead ;)

The oldest 4 participated, and we all had a blast! The Mister and I planned the event not really sure exactly how hard to make some of our events, and not sure how well the 4 (ages 12-6) could compete with each other. The events turned out really well, and we were pleasantly surprised to see how well the youngest could keep up! Some of our events need to be harder for next year, and the children are already practising to compete better!

First up was the leaf identification contest. Each child was to go in the woods and bring back 4 specific varieties of shrub/tree. Clearly this was too easy! All four of them reappeared within a few minutes!

Then the knot untying contest. #1 won, with #4 coming in a very close second.

Next was the balancing competition.

This was one that needed to be much harder for next year. #3 was smart enough not to goof off, so she handily won.

Next was a race across the property, they had to race and also find an object that they couldn't see from the starting line. #4 got a 5 second head start, with #3 about 3 seconds after that. #1 barely pulled out the victory. It might have had a different outcome if they had known where they were going!

Next up was the slingshot. #1 won that one, with #4 coming in very close.

We were a little worried this one may hurt herself:

But she did just fine!

We also had ball bouncing, long jump and triple jump. #4, #2 and #1 respectively won those events.

The finale was the .22 shoot. 5 balloons were tied to the fence and each child had 5 shots to pop them.

#4 went first. It was his very first time to shoot the youth .22 riffle.

He popped two, and was tickled pink about it!

Next to give a try was #3.

She was very frustrated. She's too girlie for such things.

While everyone did very well, it came down to #1 and #2.

We had to have a tie breaker.

By the skin of his teeth, and much to his relief, the well earned win went to #2!

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