Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to it!

Vacations, holidays, birthdays...we've had quite a bit of time off in the last 2 months. Sweet memories, good times, growing together and individually. It's time to get into the thick of things for the winter. I think we're all ready for a lot of tea sipping and fireside reading that comes with winter.

Somehow the fact that we are finishing up our Roman studies and that we will need a plan for the Middle Ages has completely escaped my pregnant brain until a couple of days ago. Looks like for the next few days I'll be putting together our Middle Ages study.

I've had a lot of struggles with history in the last years. Some parts I'm really happy with, and others I've been completely dissatisfied with. Nevertheless, we've muddled through, mostly by focusing on the parts we're dong well, and completely ignoring the parts I'm unhappy with. I wish that we had very clear goals and visions for the earlier years, but since that never happened, we got through the best we could. There's always high school, right?

For our new unit, instead of re-researching my options and spending countless hours agonizing and talking my poor husband's ear off, I skipped ahead to the decision making part, decided what my goals were, looked at what matched my goals, and bought Mystery of History Volume Two. Now all I have to do is schedule in the lit, and cross it with other sources (much of that work has been done for me by various wonderful Mamas!). I'm happy.

No other curriculum changes are planned until we need to move up again. #2 will be finishing his 8th grade math book in 2-3 months, and we'll move up to Alg from there. I will tweak the scheduling again next week hoping for maximum flow to get the most done.

Onward we go!

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