Friday, December 30, 2011

Venison is back on the menu- yummy!

With deer season ending on Jan 1st, we thought we were going to be going without this year. Since the deer had eaten our entire crop of Purple Hull Peas, we were determined to get back out what we had put in.

Today was the day. One of the biggest does to date with one shot! That's my man :)

No pictures, since I'm inside because my pregoo tummy isn't handling the dressing. I did clean out the little freezer so we can cure the meat in there, though :)

Sausage is one of the very few things that we still rely on the grocery store for, and we do eat a fair amount of it. Our goal is to master sausage this year (or at least be well on our way), so that's what we plan to do with the venison and pork that we will harvest in the spring.

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