Friday, May 18, 2012

4 week countdown

I can't believe that I'm in the final month of this pregnancy! This has been by far the fastest pregnancy I've had. Being well aware that this could be my last pregnancy, I want to soak in every good, and turn a blind eye to the uncomfortable. Of course that doesn't stop me from complaining, but I am also well aware of how very much worse the pain could be! There's no denying though, that every pregnancy is just hard, but it is a very very precious time.

Things have been more than crazy these last few months on the farm. Seems like we've just been spinning in our tracks trying to get our list done. We had goals set for the year, but one thing right after another have been delayed. In fact, seems like everything has broken or been delayed which of course caused multiple chain reactions causing nearly everything on our list to not be done. From a list-checker-offer's point of view- this has been devastating news!

 Frankly, all things considering, I feel like I've done a decent job of letting go and just dealing the hand I'm dealt. All things considering. I only cried once, and while I'm getting pretty snarky and personally contacting the well guy (which, admittedly, isn't exactly "letting go") all in all, I've handled things very well. Really, I have. All things considering. I'm not ready to talk about the well yet, though.... Except for the water situation, most other things have been resolved. While that did indeed put me way way behind on everything else on my list of things to accomplish, that's out of my control, so all I can do is the best I can until the baby comes.

 Rather than focus on all of the things that I did not get to, I'm going to focus on what has been accomplished.

~Wipes have been made.
~Suburban has been serviced.
~Barn has been finished. About 3/4 of the stuff has been moved out there, and I did finally leave the rest to my husband who I think was a little tired of me trying to interfere and get it done. (I let go- yeah!)
 ~Fireplace and tools scrubbed down and summerized. Still looking for a mirror to also go in there.
~All the doors WD-40ed.
~laundry room junk drawers organized.
Since it took me a week to actually post this blog post, I'll stop here. :)

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