Wednesday, May 30, 2012

9 or so days to go

For some reason, I was awake before everyone else this morning. I stayed in bed and enjoyed the time with my baby. I'm ashamed that I let the busyness of life get ahead of savoring the moments sometimes. I still have to remind myself of how precious this time is. How fleeting. There may never be another morning when only I can feel a baby in my tummy. Happy, growing, squirming. Just he and I. What a privilege to carry a life inside.

With weekly trips to the Little Big City, I let both Mother's Day and Memorial Day pass by without my new tradition of taking the time to myself. I should have done it anyway, but it was hard to justify when I feel like I'm gone too much anyway and there's still so much to do. I did take quiet time to remember my little ones that I carry in my heart on Memorial Day.  I will carry them always. While I remember and grieve over them any time during the year, I appreciate taking the time to purposely acknowledge their lives. Short as they were- I carried them, and I will not forget.

~In household news, 3 out of 5 children have now had CP. I wonder if the older ones will.
~Water could possibly be in our house this week.
~I've done all of the returns and tied up many other loose ends- whoo-hooo! Everything that I do manage just means that's one less thing to do after the little one's arrival. Stuff still has to get done, it's just easier when things are done before there is an infant's needs and schedule to worry about, and also easier when things are as organized as possible
~Replaced the sconce that was broken almost 2 years ago.
~New market opening in our little town. I really miss it this year. The hustle and bustle surrounding market days, the socializing (!!), the satisfaction of people's praise over your products.
~ Saw the midwife today, and she's fairly certain that Baby is over 9 lbs. Plus I measure 42 weeks (I'm not quite 39 yet). Hmmmmmmm. Happy for a healthy baby, of course...but that doesn't make me look forward to delivery!

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